Phillip Ray Tommy (Founder)

An experienced performer appearing in such as films Ben-Hur, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and The Take, Phillip Ray Tommy is also an Writer/Director including short films such as Cain & Abel and Creep, as well as upcoming Feature and TV projects. Phillip Ray Tommy is a horror film enthusiast  and The Festival of Terror has been a passion project for a number of years.

Phillip Ray Tommy: “I hope this years festival is the first of many, not just in my home town but around the country so horror fans like myself can come together to celebrate the genre in all its forms, from film, music and art. Also as a film maker myself, I feel it is also important that new film makers get to showcase their projects during the festival, meet other people in the industry and bring their projects to new audiences. ”


Gary-Anthony Rogers (Founder)

Gary is a freelance DP/educator and has worked on a multitude of projects that including short films, features, TV Commercials and music videos. Gary has been lucky enough to work alongside some great household names including Mark Wingett (The Bill, Quadrophenia), Claire King (Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street) and Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to name but a few. With his short film ’Chestwyrm’ being featured on the BBC3 programme ‘The Fear’ Gary is no stranger to the Horror Genre.

Gary-Anthony Rogers: “As a filmmaker and a Horror fan I am privileged to help bring this festival platform to filmmakers as a place to showcase their work and network with other professionals at no extra cost to them after putting everything into their film already. We have a great week planned that will surely put Birmingham on the map in the horror community.”